A Mother's Promise ...

To teach the qualities of self-love and leadership to help serve and shape her world

Our promised youth will learn to value themselves, discover and develop their strengths and be encouraged to unleash concealed potential.

The Mother's Promise

Young lady, I promise that you will become something great.
I promise to teach you how to fight back and carry yourself with grace.
I promise that you will be able to contribute to the ever-changing world in a great way. 
I promise to help you develop a fearlessness for the road to your fulfillment. 
And lastly, I promise to be an example of how to live as your absolute best self, to help you to navigate your power as a young woman, and to be there to witness your victories.

AMPed Life

AMP Live is an awesome opportunity for our youth to hang out virtually with other AMPed girls and experience AMP life programming in real-time no matter where they are.

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Learning healthy habits will help lead to a healthier life. 

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City Walks is our Saturday enrichment program focusing on the positive use of time in a safe, no-toxic controlled environment.  Learn More

Girl Intervention is an in-school support program working with local schools lacking resources to help guide our promised youth who displays unfavorable behavior while on school premises.

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Life is What you Make It is one of our after school/extended day youth programs which provides information, strategies, tools, and resources for youth.
Sister Circle is one of our peer to peer connection programs which focuses on providing young girls with advice, mentor support, and constructive examples.

Help Support Us


Give a gift of love. Your gift big or small can make a difference in the lives of our promised youth. To continue our mission, we rely on the generous support from people like you.


Our work would not be possible without the dedication and support of a volunteer community. Help support by giving your time.


Our gift center includes AMP merchandise. You get to show off your AMPed spirit and all proceeds are used to support our mission.

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