K. Chase Glass
Founder & CEO

Chase Speaks 

A Mother’s Promise began with Founder and CEO, K. Chase Glass, a highly trusted and respected professional resource in both private and public sectors. In addition to her own experience with youth disparities, Chase possesses over 20 years’ experience working to help and care for others. 

In order for you to understand why A Mother’s Promise (AMPed) was created, you must hear her story.

As a professional, I hold several professional certifications and have worked in medical, IT, Telecommunications and project management for federal, private and public organizations. I have volunteered my time as a Sunday school teacher and a program/event manager for nonprofit youth organizations in the Washington DC metropolitan area. I am also a mother to three beautiful girls and one handsome boy.

Before I became a versatile worker, mother and wife, I was a lost youth filled with hostility that had no outlet.

When I was younger, I was a natural caregiver. This served me well when, due to my parents’ inability to care for us, I had to become a parental figure to my younger sibling.  From age 10 to adulthood, I loathed my parent’s emotional and physical absences. I envied the presence of my friends’ parents at different stages and moments of their lives. While I was excelling in school academically, the fight for attention from my parents manifested into aggression and socially, I became combative. What was born out of traumatic experiences was a promise to myself and future children that I would always be present to support them in whatever their endeavors may be. I charged forward in my pursuit of happiness and releasing my aggression by joining an out-of-state military prep-program. The program help shaped me to find my calling as a healthcare worker and eventually an IT project manager.

I was excelling, but my success sat upon a weakened foundation built on trauma.

What was born out of traumatic experiences was a promise to myself and children that I would always be present to support them in whatever their endeavors may be.

~Chase Glass~

When I got older,  I realized that my parents’ mental and emotional unavailability was due to their own personal struggles as they battled with two different forms of illness. That realization helped me to develop more compassion for them and I understood why the burden of the household fell upon me. However, I still lived with that early childhood trauma and I needed to heal myself. For me, the solution was to make sure that my future children did not suffer as I did. I became what others consider a supermom. I made sure that I was near omnipresent in my children’s lives. I planned events for their activities, became more attentive with their studies, and ensured a healthy balance with their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This process detoxed my trauma and birthed an idea.

I knew I was not the only girl who had to carry a load at a young age. So, I made a promise to the daughters I have yet to meet. I promised that they would not carry their burdens alone and that I would help them to create a promising future. 

A Mother’s Promise was born.

With the desire to empower our youth and to ensure this journey’s success, A Mother’s Promise is dedicated to breaking the cycle of unsupported youth.

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