Getting AMPed

Delivering life-changing enrichment programs and life-affirming experiences to at-risk girls in Washington, DC.

About Us

A girl is not one dimensional and neither is her journey into womanhood. This transition is an intense and thrilling ride through some of the best years of a young lady’s life. Our wrap-around programs that focus on developing the whole girl through long-lasting mentor-ships, peer-to-peer connections, and educational experiences equipping our promised with the skills to navigate through life with confidence as barriers are broken, self-discoveries are made, and unrealized potential is unleashed!

We are currently accepting applicants in Washington D.C. public, charter, magnet, and private schools.


AMP’s mission is to help at-risk youth girls develop a positive self-image, supportive networks and competences that will allow them to thrive through peer to peer connections, life skills sessions and holistic health activities.


A world where girls are embraced by supportive families and community that help them develop a healthy sense of self and empower them to become influential leaders.

Core Values

Providing opportunities that help develop valuable life lessons. Personal development opportunities that encourage living life with purpose.

Having the patience and fortitude to face one’s fears. Finding strength in humility and showing gratitude.

Cultivating an environment of trust and building relationships. Practicing inclusiveness and learning from other’s unique qualities.

Creating a supportive and empowering community. Encourage one another to be their best selves, while creating an environment where sisters can grow and thrive.

AMP prides itself in servicing others. Each one teach one allows for giving back to the community.

Support Us


Give a gift of love. Your gift big or small can make a difference in the lives of our promised youth. To continue our mission, we rely on the generous support from people like you.


Our work would not be possible without the dedication and support of a volunteer community. Help support by giving your time.


Our gift center includes AMP merchandise. You get to show off your AMPed spirit and all proceeds are used to support our mission.

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