AMPed Girls

You must promise that you will fight back and carry yourself with grace.
Promise that you will contribute to the ever-changing world in a great way.
Promise that you will develop a fearlessness for the road to your fulfillment.

As AMPed Girls, we

  • Understand that sisterhood requires you to inspire and be present for each other.
  • Recognizes that she has power within her that must be tapped into continuously.
  • Always shows gratitude as she strives to grasp on to her purpose.
  • Operates in integrity and is accountable for herself and her sisters.
  • Moves through life with a humble, caring, courageous attitude and voice.

A Mother’s Promise prides itself in being a voice for the voiceless and encouraging our promised youth to be their unapologetic selves.

Academics: Increase successful matriculation through primary and secondary education.

Support system: Create a support system of peers and mentors that will foster positive relationships.

Realization: Increase self-awareness, harness potential, and identify talents and skills. 

Health Wealth: Promote physical activity, healthy nutritional habits, and emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

Young Lady

At any given time I am ready to build myself up to be able to push past what any generation before me has done, because I know the effort and determination, to be anything besides mediocre or pretending to be someone I’m not; even if it looks difficult now, dedication to my transformation is all I got.

AMPed Life

“Life is What you Make It” is one of our after school/extended day youth programs which provides information, strategies, tools, and resources for youth relating to a variety of cross-cutting topics.
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“Sister Circle” is one of our peer to peer connection programs which focuses on providing young girls with advice, mentor support, and constructive examples for mentees.
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Learning healthy habits will help lead to a healthier life. 

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“Girl Intervention” is an in-school support program working with local schools lacking resources to help guide our promised youth who displays unfavorable behavior while on school premises.
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“City Walks” is our Saturday enrichment program focusing on the positive use of time in a safe, no-toxic controlled environment.
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In the uprececedented times, AMP’s is finding new ways to engage with our youth to keep them moving and connected.
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